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Feedback from our clients is essential to the continual improvement of our service delivery. Please communicate your feedback and comments via our Contact Us Form.

What our clients say!


The skills that staff have learned in the program have contributed to continuous improvement of our contact centre. As a result, we have now a stronger emphasis on sales and an improved conversion rate. Customer service skills have been ‘refined’, workflow management processes have been improved and streamlined, and staff have been more focussed on business drivers and strategies. Staff now understand how their individual input and performance affects the business.
Customer Service Manager, Gift Services Company

Your customer service representative training course is the most positive I have attended and believe to be most beneficial to all who have attended…strongly urge ALL of our company's staff to experience what I have.
Agency Co-ordinator, Ticketing Company

The sales workshop motivated me without having to have been belted over the head. It has put my fears of selling into perspective. It gave me an insight into the existing problems in my area at work, and ideas and ways to correct them. I have gained a renewed “positivity” about my work. The workshop has given me confidence in my own abilities. Strongly relevant to our workforce.
Customer Service Agents, Health Services Company

In my many experiences with workplace training, I have not enjoyed a course more than Customer Service with Michelle Heriot and her team. She had me saying, thinking and doing things no trainer has been able to before.
Customer Service Agent, Major International HR Company

From the program I gained the skills to be able to deal with different personality styles and effective coaching. I appreciated the flexibility in tailoring the program to my specific needs. I enjoyed and benefited from being able to discuss issues that were current and relevant to my workplace.
Team Leader, Credit Union

The program was fantastic. The trainer was perfectly suited to her role. She has great enthusiasm, very well versed, great knowledge of customer service, able to keep a group 'alive' and overall very friendly, approachable and professional.
Agency Co-ordinator, Ticketing Agency

I would like to say what a wonderful job you did with the training sessions. Never before have I attended a course where so much effort was put into staff training as I've experienced here. It certainly made learning a lot easier.
Customer Service Agent, Utility Company

Individuals -

I was extremely impressed by your very positive attitude, professionalism, considerable knowledge, impeccable presentation skills and the very friendly and supportive manner in which you conducted the workshop.
Job Seeker, Pre-Employment Training

“I have already tripled my sales results 2 weeks after doing your workshop. The techniques I learnt from the workshop have helped me to increase my confidence and motivation and to put my fears of selling into perspective”.
Workshop Participant

“Learning how to deal with complaints has made my job so much more fun. I am now more confident to manage the complaints on my own instead of handing them over to my supervisor. I really enjoyed the activities that taught us how to confront and accept the fear of conflict”.
Workshop Participant

“I never knew how fantastic I could be as a leader until I did this workshop.
I learnt so much about myself by getting to know what it takes to be a great leader and then how I can motivate others to be their very best. What an amazing experience”.
Workshop Participant